Stained glass window tint for homes

Stained glass windows have been around since the first century. Their gorgeous designs were used to make buildings beautiful, manage light, and share cultural and religious stories. Churches and monasteries used stained glass windows to inspire the faithful through visual narratives. We like stained glass windows because their beauty changes as the light moves across them throughout the day. The bright colors and changing patterns of stained glass windows stand out against their backdrop and draw our attention and admiration. Stained glass window tint can also make your house look nice.

Stained glass tint – a great option for creating the look of stained glass

stained glass window tint film options

Now don’t get me wrong stained glass can get a bit expensive. Pre-made stained-glass panels starting cost is $150 per panel and could go as high as $10,000 for larger windows and more detailed designs. Artisans may charge you a minimum of $1,000 for a custom panel.

Where to use stained glass window tint film

Your stained glass tint will make a statement and so should be placed in areas where it will be best viewed and appreciated.  Place stained glass window tint on any number of windows in or around your entry door. A-1 window tint

If you have several windows in your living room or in a hallway, think about adding stained glass window tint to offer color and decoration while delivering the full light available during the day. Stained glass window can offer so much to your residence or office. For example not only will it make your house look more luxurious but it will block the sun.