Commercial Window Tinting

With over 40 years of innovation in window films and surface protection solutions, and backed by more than 350 years of Saint-Gobain’s success in the glass and building materials industries, Solar Gard is one of the most trusted and popular window film lines in the world. Sold through company-owned distribution centers and independent dealers and distributors, Solar Gard window films are installed each year on thousands of buildings and millions of vehicles worldwide.


Panorama premium window films are some of the most technologically advanced products in the world.

Solar Gard

Solar Gard window films bring high performance at a competitive price


Where privacy and sophistication meet your unique vision, resulting in a contemporary aesthetic that’s as functional and attractive. ByDESIGN films are available in a variety of styles & opacities.


Armorcoat has been rigorously tested to globally recognized standards, including GSA, ISO and ASTM.

School Safety

Solar Gard Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film adds a critical layer of facility protection by delaying attempted intrusion and helping to hold shattered glass together in case of impact.

Bird Strike

The new Modern Bird Strike film from byDESIGN from Solar Gard, allows building owners and property managers to cost-effectively distinguish their glass to birds, preventing deadly collisions and promoting sustainability.


Graffiti and vandalism interrupt your operations and damage your reputation. They can be expensive and difficult to remove or restore the original appearance. Solar Gard can help resolve all of these points.​

Microbial Protection

The BioCote® technology reduces microbial activity the moment microbes come in contact with the surface, protecting the film from odor- and stain-causing microbes to keep it cleaner and fresher for longer.

Privacy Films

Feel safe inside your house or office with dual-reflective Solar Gard privacy films

Damage Control

Solar Gard has your back when it comes to protecting your health & valuable assets

Film Removal

Trust A1 Window Tinting professionals with removing or replacing your damaged & deteriorating window film