World Before Tinted Windows

Carefully Placed Windows

In the past, an architect needed to consider where to put windows based on where the sun would be less likely to overheat the house. For instance, on mid west region, Kansas, Kansas city Missouri, Missouri windows on certain sides of the house will receive sun at different times of the day. Windows on the east side of the house will receive sunlight at a low angle in the morning.  On the west side of the house, windows can cause cooling problems as the sun will hit those windows as it is setting.

Large windows on the south side of the house can also cause cooling issues as they will receive the blazing mid-day sun. Those windows placed on the north side of the house will not often receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Window Overhangs

Another option that was available to architects before window tinting was window overhangs. Window overhangs can be both decorative and practical, keeping the sun out of windows that are on sides of the house that get the most sun. Other options include changing the window shape to make sure that the sun does not overheat the house, or providing overhead clearance over the window. While these features can add design to the house, they do not always work with the style of the house. Additionally, sometimes such designs can keep natural light from getting into the house as well as keep it from overheating. Clearly these options were helpful to keeping buildings cool but they did not offer a perfect solution to the problem.

Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are another design that architects can add to buildings to help keep them from overheating. Double-pane windows do keep the outside air from getting in through the windows. However, what they do not do is keep the sunlight from blazing through. Many people think that they cannot tint double-pane windows. This used to be true because the tinting would cause the heat to get trapped between the windows and they would break. However, modern technology has found ways for double-pane windows to be tinted without breaking them. Therefore, having a professional service tint the windows is important to making sure that they do not break.

The Freedom of Window Tinting

window tinting for architects

Tinting windows of any kind is important for architects because with window tinting, architects do not need to stress placing the windows based on the sun’s location. Windows that face the west side of the house can be tinted. This allows the design of the house to not be compromised. And the architect to build a building that will allow a lot of natural light to be used. Buildings that allow natural light to come in through the are more pleasant, cheaper to light, and natural light is better for

In addition to window tinting allowing architects to stay true to their designs by giving them freedom of window placement. Tinting is also far less expensive than purchasing decorative glass. You can call A-1 window tint for more information.