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One of the most effective and affordable upgrades you can do to your car is tint those windows.  Visually, the car is much more appealing with tinted glass.  But you get more than just good looks with tinted windows.

Keeping Cool

With our window tint, you can block out about 60 percent of the heat, 80 percent of infrared light and 99 percent of UV rays.  This not only keeps your car cooler, but it helps save your dash and your interior by blocking out those bad rays.

Who wants to get into a hot car?

Nobody we know.  Remember the days of using a sun visor in your car that you had to tuck away somewhere while you were driving?  With our tint application, you don’t need to use those anymore.  The tint material we use can keep your car cool without the need for a sun visor.  Plus, your car looks better parked without that unsightly sun visor that’s falling apart.

Have Some Privacy

Having your windows tinted can also add a nice level of privacy.  Ever wanted to park and have a conversation with someone in the car?  With tinted windows, you don’t have to worry about anyone around watching you.  Plus, it’s not only helpful for when you’re in the car, but it’s also helpful for when you’re not in the car.  People are less likely to look inside a car with tinted windows because they can’t see anything.  This helps deter someone from wanting to see what you’ve got inside the car.

How We Do It

For the tinting materials, we offer a variety of window tint films.  The different types of material we offer have different levels of heat reflection, thickness and other factors.  We talk to our customers to find out and understand what’s important to them so that we can recommend the best material for them.

All our tinting is done right inside our showroom.  We have installed professional dust-free A/C in our showroom so that no dust or particles are flying around while we’re tinting your windows.  This helps to ensure there are no dust particles or bubbles in your window tint.  No one wants that!  We make sure your tint looks perfect.

How Long Does It Take?

A typical window tint application can take anywhere from an hour for a simple job to about two hours for a vehicle with more windows.  It can be done while you wait.  We have a very comfortable waiting area in our showroom.  This allows you to relax while you wait.  You can even watch as our installers perform the installation in the showroom.

Check Us Out  
Be sure to come out to our shop to check out the tinted cars in our showroom.  You’ll see that they look great and have no bubbles or debris.  We always make sure we do it perfect the first time