Block Harmful UV Rays

Direct sun is among the most dangerous environmental factors to humans. And that is why sunscreen and summer hats are always in high demand. Window tint is a factor that’ll help dramatically. UV rays cause serious damage to skin and can even cause skin cancer. And that is why tinting your car is important to prevent direct sunlight from reaching you as you drive. In the same breath, direct sunlight also damages your upholstery and can cause your leather seats to discolor. Quality window film can give your chairs, carpet, dash board and home furniture 99% protection. Image result for window tint house and car

Shatter Proofing

Did you know that a big number of people in accidents are injured or even killed by a glass that comes flying into their heads or eyes? Having an accident may be inevitable, but one can take measures to reduce the impact of that accident such as wearing a safety belt and having a tinted car. Window film can act as a bandage and hold together glass, so it won’t shatter into pieces and injure anyone.

Windows that don’t have tint will shatter into dangerous pieces and fly everywhere near the accident. Home window tinting will do the same if ever a stone or a ball is thrown into your glass door or window so that no one will get hurt.

Enhance Privacy

The trend today in most residential and even rental homes is to have large windows, glass doors and plenty of natural light coming in. However, you don’t want passersby and neighbors seeing what is going on in the house so tinting all the glass can help achieve privacy. Home window tint ensures that you can see what is going on outside and get all the benefits of glass but still enjoy your privacy.

Tinting car windows also allow you to do whatever you want in the car without worrying that people can see you. Individuals who like to sleep, talk on the phone, read or even eat in the car can do so privately because of the tint.


Though we all enjoy natural light, no one wants extreme heat in their car or house. Tinted windows ensure that you get the light but not the heat so you can enjoy your afternoons in peace because there is 78% heat reduction transfer. Window tint can also help to create a cool ambiance even if it’s very hot outside because the amount of light coming in is controlled and darkened a bit.

Energy Saving

In relation to the car and home window tinting helping to keep the house or the car cool even when it’s hot outside, AC will be needed less, and this will save energy cost significantly. People who run their air conditioner all day long should try tinting their windows, so that heat and light transfer to the house and the car will be reduced, and the AC will only be needed for other purposes other than cooling.

Safe Driving

If you have even driven uphill at 4 pm, you will agree that it is very dangerous because you cannot even see the cars coming in front of you due to the direct glare of your eyes. Sun glasses do prevent glare. But a tinted windscreen will work better. Because it covers the entire area and you don’t have to remember to carry shades everywhere. Tint can also be put on your side mirrors as they also do reflect light and this will ensure you drive safely and see everything well whether it’s in the afternoon or at night when other people’s lights are on.

Protect Valuables

Since so many people spend half their days in the car, it is possible that you will find very expensive stuff in the car such as laptops, music system, GPS, e-readers and so forth. Plain windows will expose such stuff and tempt them to steal while tinting car windows can prevent such an occurrence.

Window tint for your car and homes is without a doubt a very important aspect. ALL WEATHER GLASS TINTING has been providing glass tinting and its surroundings for the last 20 years. We provide high-quality, energy efficient window films and precision installations that no other company can do. Being able to make our clients happy is the number one agenda. Visit us on our website to get the best quotes