Dyed Films Offer Very Poor Value

Let’s start with the $129 tint jobs. The only way a person can charge that low of a price for a window tint job is by using inferior quality Chinese made dyed window film. These products will cost you significantly more money over the next year than a better film. These window films are dyed using the three primary colors, yellow, red, and blue. Within six months, the yellow dye will evaporate, leaving the red and blue dyes, which creates purple. You have probably seen vehicles driving around with purple tint. The second thing about these films is their durability. They are single-ply films with very little scratch protection, so they damage easily. Have you ever bought really cheap garbage bags? Ever notice how easily the tear? It is because they are thinner and made of cheaper materials. The same thing goes for window tint.Image result for tint car

Metal Films Interfere With Electronics

The next level up window tint film is called high performance, or metal film. It is still dyed but uses less ink as the metal in the film makes it darker. It will still fade over time although it will happen slower. The bigger problem here is the metal in the film. When you are inside your vehicle, the metal will negatively affect your GPS, your cell phone reception, and cellular data. The biggest problem occurs in a modern vehicle where the radio antenna is embedded into the glass. In these vehicles, your radio reception can be affected, and in severe cases, dramatically reduced. Many of these films come with a “limited lifetime warranty,” which in simple terms means they will not cover fading. Most of the window tint shops in our area use this type of film, and we suggest you ask to see the warranty card.

Carbon Film

Our Carbon film uses a proprietary design that uses innovative, carbon technology instead of metal. It has a non-reflective black look that will never fade. Since it is not made of metal, you get none of the side effects of the “high performance” films. This film comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that includes fading. This type of film should cost almost $100 more per vehicle than the metal films, but we have it competitively priced as we want to give our clients a superior product.

Carbon XP Film

Carbon XP is our step up film. It has the same quality construction and warranty as the Carbon film but uses a Nano-Hybrid construction, so it has better heat rejection, keeping your vehicle interior cooler.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic is our top of the line film. It has the same warranty and quality of construction of our other two films, with one major difference. This film can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat energy, known as infrared. Once this window tint is installed on your vehicle, you will see an incredible difference in the interior temperature. Imagine going out to a vehicle on a hot summer day and only needing to keep the a/c on low after a few minutes. Ceramic film also has much better clarity, especially at night so that it will improve your outward visibility. This film is available in a 70% film to work on your windshield. Have you ever noticed the amount of heat coming into your car through your windshield when driving? Our 70% film will dramatically lower the heat, and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.