Different Types of Commercial Window Film

Finding that perfect spot where you’re comfortable can be difficult. Whether you’re at work, at home, or in your car, comfort, style, and privacy are all important attributes that you desire. When you think about your own comfort, you might not consider how your windows play a role. With more and more buildings being built with large amounts of glass in Kansas city, the windows in a room can contribute to your comfort quite a bit. The window films, or tint, can greatly affect the amount of comfort and style a room provides. Whether you’re in your office or driving in your car, the window films around you are important. There are many different types of Kansas city commercial window film. Each building has a calling for a different window tint film. Here are a few of the important commercial window films that you should know about.

Reflective Window Film

Reflective window films can provide you with a degree of control over heat from the sun, glare, and harmful UV rays. This window film give a shiny, silvery, mirror appearance from the outside. If you’re looking for an affordable window film that gives your building some class, reflective window films are for you.

Deluxe Window Film

If you’re searching for window tint films that will allow you to keep out all of the unwanted summer heat, you should look into deluxe window films. Deluxe window films have extremely high levels of heat rejection. Deluxe films can enhance your overall indoor comfort in many ways. The films offer glare reduction with a non-reflective appearance from inside and out.

EnerLogic Window Films

EnerLogic window tint films are the highest-rated films for energy saving and efficiency. During the summer months, office energy bills tend to soar through the roof. With the outdoor temperatures rising, the air conditioner needs to be constantly running in order to keep all of the workers and clients happy. EnerLogic window films are as effective as adding a second panel of glass to your windows. Instead of spending all of the money to replace your windows, add EnerLogic window films. EnerLogic window films are cheaper than replacing your windows, and just as helpful.

Neutral Window Films

Many people have a difficult time finding window films that don’t affect the quality of indoor light. Thankfully, neutral window films give you solar benefits while creating little to no change in the

appearance of the windows or the quality of the indoor light.

Low-E Window Films

The largest benefit offered with this window film is the added insulation. Low-E films are equipped with insulation properties that help the heating and cooling system inside of the building. Low-E window films can help reduce your electric bills and extend the life of your HVAC unit.

Ceramic Window Films

Ceramic window films are created through advanced nano-ceramic technology that allows impressive heat control and corrosion resistance. Unlike standard windows, ceramic window films provide little to no reflective appearance.