Our films reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on furnishings and block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Depending on the window tint you select, you can enjoy up to 79% reduction in solar heat.


Window films can reduce glares in residential homes and commercial businesses. Kansas city is known for the summer sun to be unbearable. With window film you can enjoy every room in your home no matter what position the sun is in. Enjoy natural light while watching TV, on your computer or reading without the disruptive glare normally caused by the sun.

Glare reduction in business keeps employees more comfortable and productive and for retail stores and restaurants it end the problem of customers being blinded by sunlight coming in your business windows.


Professionally installed window film can reduce excessive heat in residential homes & commercial businesses while still allowing natural sunlight to shine in. Curtains & blinds can block some heat but then also block the natural light. Window films reject the sun’s heat while allowing natural sunlight in and increasing the comfort of your home or business while maintaining views of the outside.


Safety & Security window tint can provide any level of tinting & privacy for glass windows & doors of residential homes and commercial businesses. Additionally from crimes to accidents these window films work invisibly to help keep you safe. Windows will be harder to break if hit by balls or rocks. Glass fragments will be held together to reduce potential injuries from broken or flying glass.

These window films give you a piece of mind while at home or work and assist with discouraging robbers & buglers as well as guarding against flying debris from high winds and dangerous storms.


Residential window films are an enhancement that can increase the value of your home. Windows are a key feature in your home. You may be covering them up with blinds and curtains to cut down on glare and hot spots. Window tint allows homeowners to enjoy the windows they fell in love with by improving comfort. Providing energy savings, and protecting your floors and furniture from fading. Because of these key benefits, window film can be a major selling point when it comes to resale.