How To Make Windows and Doors Burglary Resistant burglary-proof glass needed

Window tint and glass doors are the most vulnerable parts of any home, and that’s where the bad guys are coming in. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there are many products available, so how do you know where to start? What would be best for your home, school, or retail storefront? As the majority of you know the city part of any state is not the safest part of town. Coming from a Kansas city local i can tell you i’ve seen many houses and business burglarized in Kansas and Missouri side.

This blog post is a quick overview that will help you narrow down the options and make shopping for window tint and door security much easier. I will focus on homes to keep the scope of the article more concise, but the same basic principles apply to virtually every building.

 Quick and Dirty Facts on Window and Door Security

I’ve made a quick list of things you should keep in mind when shopping for window and door security products:

  • Aesthetics matter. You want to think about the effect security products will have on your home’s appearance. There are a wide variety of options available. Some will change the look and some are virtually invisible. Don’t wait until after you have purchased security products to think long and hard about this. Otherwise, you may really regret your decision – and it will be too late.
  • The glass type affects how secure a window will be. Annealed glass breaks into big dangerous shards, while tempered safety glass bursts into millions of small glass pebbles. This is especially important if you are purchasing security window film, which will work much better on annealed glass than tempered, and should be secured around the edges with an attachment system to hold everything in place during an attack. Without an attachment system, the broken glass can be forced through the frame, allowing entry.
  • Window framing, sliding glass clearance, and window tint size must also be factored in to determine the most effective solution. If any of these details are overlooked, the solution may fail catastrophically if put to the test. When you need it to work, you REALLY need it to work well.
  • Strength of the window security products themselves can dramatically affect the time it takes a burglar to gain entry. Some solutions are considerably stronger than others. The best products are the most likely solutions to prevent forced entry all together.
  • Fire egress is required by building codes in certain areas of a home, and not in others. Some property owners prefer to have fire egress features on all windows, just in case.