Window Tint Benefits 

Window tint comes in all color and shades, from stylish SUV automobile windows to large residential bay windows to safety tinting that contains broken glass and ensures an easy clean-up of a busted window. At A-1 window tint we’re experts of window film and we’ve been part of the greater Kansas City community since 1988. Many people consider having windows tinted, but aren’t sure about the real benefits of doing so. Sure, a cool car with tinted windows looks even more stylish, but what are the tangible enhancements that come from the tinting process? We’ve thought of a few perks to help you make the decision about whether window tinting is right for you. different state have different laws, a window tint company can  help you make the right decision.  Automobile tinting saves your interior and blocks harmful UV rays. Auto window tinting is a great way to combat the Kansas city sun.

Benefits Of Tinting The Windows On Your Car

Ultraviolet—or UV—rays are found in sunlight and are immediately damaging to one’s skin. Every sunburn is the result of exposure to these UV rays. Cruising around town on a sunny day in a car without some level of window tinting means that harmful UV rays are permeating the glass. Giving sunburns to every short-sleeved t-

shirt wearer in the car. And your car’s beautiful upholstery needs sun protection as well—UV rays can damage your car’s seats, breaking down the materials and that results in expensive repairs. That’s n

ot fun for anyone. By tinting the windows in your automobile you can protect both the riders and the interior features. save gas by installing window film it keeps it cooler and the AC don’t run as hard.

Image result for tint houseBenefits Of Tinting The Windows In Your House

Summertime in the greater Kansas City area means high temperatures and lots of sunlight. If you’re out-and-about running errands in the heat you want to be nice and cool when you arrive back at home. This usually means running the air conditioning all day and all night to create a comfortable home environment. When the sun’s steamy rays are constantly shining through your home’s unprotected windows. That air conditioning has to work harder and longer, giving you a very unattractively expensive energy bill. Tinting the windows on your home is a smart move to alleviate both hot. Stuffy interior temperatures and costly air conditioning charges. Those tinted home windows block the sun’s heat and keep the temperatures inside your home much lower.

Benefits Of Tinting The Windows At Your Business or Home

Much like tinted car windows, tinting the windows at your business produces a sleek and stylish aesthetically pleasing result. When customers step into a store or restaurant with tinted windows they feel a calming and cool difference. As though they are literally walking into a different environment. And they are—they’re entering into the business that you created and that you control, in terms of look and feel. Depending on the darkness of the tint that you choose. Passersby may not even be able to see through the windows from the outside which is good. Not only will customers truly feel as though they are emerging into a different habitat, would-be thieves won’t be able to window shop your valuable merchandise. Kansas city has many store front with safety film apply on there windows .

Benefits Of Security Window Tinting

Our security window tinting is another great defense against vandals and burglars. Someone throws a heavy brick against your business’s front door? Don’t worry, with security window tinting the broken glass will be contained within the window tint and this protective barrier will make it so that the criminal cannot enter your store. Home intruders will face the same fate with Solargard  security window tinting. Simply knowing that you’ve installed security window tinting at your business and at your office will put you at ease.

So, initially you might have thought that window tint was only for cars. Employed to make a hot car look even hotter. Now you know that window tinting provides an excellent shield against pernicious UV rays and makes the seats in that hot car much, much more comfortable. And tinted windows are a great investment, since you will save money in the long run—your home and business will be protected from outrageous energy costs as well as from vandals and thieves.

  • Solar film and tinting refracts the sun’s rays to limit the passage of heat through the glass. This helps you to stay shaded and reduce cooling costs during the summer. But also offer an added insulating property to limit the movement of hot and cold through the glass from inside.