Headlight Restoration

Foggy headlights not only look bad; they’re also a safety issue. When headlights become fogged, the lights are dimmer. This limits the driver’s vision and compromises the safety of everyone on the road. The good news? With GlasWeld’s professional tools, headlights can be restored back to their original, crystal-clear condition.

Restore your headlights to like new condition!

  • Improve night time visibility and safety.
  • Cost effective alternative to replacement.
  • Quick and easy process.
  • Completely removes oxidation on yellow, hazy headlights.
  • OEM-quality UV cured Hard Coat for a durable, lasting finish.


When a vehicle leaves the manufacturer, its headlights have a UV-cured hard coat on them. Gclear is based on this OE formula, giving your customer the same quality they could expect from a brand new car.


Gclear is different from other headlight repair systems because it is a UV-cured hard coat. During the restoration process, Gclear bonds directly to the polycarbonate. This creates results that last for years (and years).


You’re just three steps away from brand new headlights. First, clear the old coating. Second, coat the headlights using Gclear. Third, cure the Gclear. This easy process takes around 45 minutes per lens.

Headlight Restoration FAQs

  • Unlike spray-on, sanding-only, or clear coat applications, Gclear is a UV-cured hard coat that bonds directly to the polycarbonate (the material of the headlight).
  • Most systems create results that look great for a couple months. Gclear, on the other hand, creates results that last for years (and years).
  • If you’re looking to provide the highest-quality, longest-lasting results for your customers, Gclear is the only choice.

Techs that use Gclear charge slightly more than the average in the local market because of the superior results and longevity.

the process, when properly done for most headlights can be repaired in around 60 to 90 minutes.  Time usually varies depending on the level of oxidation, the sizes of headlights and skill level of technician.

Clouded lenses that aren’t restored will continue to reduce headlight effectiveness, potentially causing safety issues in nighttime driving and low-visibility conditions.

Most sealants have a curing time (usually 24 hours) which hardens the sealant and protects the headlight from oxidation.  A1 Window Tinting will cure its “Gclear” coating with a properly rated UV lamp that will allow you to drive your vehicle when leaving the shop (approx. 15 minutes). 

Waxes and other automotive paint care protects can contain harsh chemicals which can dull or haze clear plastic over time, so they should not be used on headlights or taillights.

This happens due to the polycarbonate lens of modern automotive headlights are exposed to the air. Lenses develop microscopic cracks when exposed to UV radiation causing “cloudiness”

It will restore hazy, dull, yellowed headlights- tail-lights or for-lights and will bring back to an original condition.