We’re proud to offer our customers the highest quality windshield protection film on the market. ExoShield is a thin and completely invisible film that we install on the exterior of the windshield to reduce the risk of damage from rock chips by 6 times. Driving can be stressful enough – rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected by the best.


  • Protects your windshield from rock chip damage
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Long Lasting

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Stops Rock Chips

Rock chips can happen almost anywhere, anytime. ExoShield is designed to absorb 6X more impact than a windshield alone to significantly reduce the potential for costly and annoying stone chips.

Unmatched Clarity

ExoShield is razor-thin and has the highest optical quality on the market. It won’t obstruct your vision, impact sensor functionality, or interfere with your heads-up display.

Industry-leading Warranty Coverage

ExoShield is backed by a 2-year/30,000 mile warranty against manufacturer’s defects, which is the longest and most comprehensive coverage in the industry.