What is damage control film from Solar Gard?

Have you noticed your hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, artwork, pictures looking discolored/faded or your window sills and doors deteriorating.  This damage is caused by the continuous harsh solar rays that attacks your house or place of business.  ​

Many people think that UV rays alone are responsible for these damages because they are the most harmful solar rays for your health.  In reality UV (Ultra-Violet) rays contributes approx. 40% to the damage while, IR (Infra-Red) rays contribute 25%, visible light 25% and the remaining 10% is a combination of incandescent lighting and chemicals in the dyes and varnishes.  ​

All of Solar Gard’s window films block 99% of UV rays.  Blocking visible light is a matter of preference and Solar Gard window films will block from 95% to 28% of the visible light that enters through your glass panes, the less visible light the more damage control there is.  ​

Solar Gard’s engineers have developed some of the most advanced window films available that block a significant amount of the IR rays.  When choosing window film that best suits your expectations you will notice that Solar Gard has a large verity of technologies for each specific need.

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Why do people choose damage control window films:​


  • Solar Gard window films will protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays that can contribute to:​
  • Skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma)​
  • Premature aging and other skin damage​
  • Cataracts and other eye damage​
  • Immune system suppression​

Damage Control

  • UV protection combined with reduced Infra-Red rays and visible light will result in less damages and fading of your furniture, hardwood floors, carpets & artwork.

Minimize Costs

  • Enjoy the view of the outside for most of the day and early evening without closing the shutters, blinds, shades or curtains​
  • Protect your assets (wood floors, carpets, furniture, art, etc.) from harmful solar rays without needing, blinds, curtains, shutters or drapes.​

Energy Savings

  • Solar Gard damage/health control window films will block up to 80% of the solar energy entering your windows. ​
  • Your HVAC units will run more efficiently while reducing your utility bills and maintenance costs. ​

Enhanced Appearance

  • Homes with Solar Gard window films have a more pleasant curb appeal.