Solar Gard “Graffiti & Vandalism” Film Solutions

Graffiti and vandalism interrupt your operations and damage your reputation. They can be expensive and difficult to remove or restore the original appearance. Solar Gard can help resolve all of these points.

Every minute that a train or escalator is out of service, stations are damaged, or equipment is vandalized, revenue is lost and reputations are sullied. Solar Gard anti-vandalism films quickly and cost-effectively erase graffiti and vandalism – like it never happened.

Our comprehensive suite of anti-vandalism products – Graffitigard, Graffitigard 4PLUS and Armorcoat – protect a variety of exposed surfaces from graffiti and vandalism.


Durable, proven solutions to quickly & cost-effectively eradicate graffiti and vandalism – like it never happened.

Solar Gard helps protect your public spaces and most importantly your company image with our comprehensive suite of anti-vandalism films. Our films protect a variety of exposed surfaces from damage and reduce repair time down considerably, so you can keep operations moving and your reputation intact.

Glass surfaces are common targets for taggers using various tools to scratch or etch their ‘art’ leaving sometimes irreparable damage. Replacement or repair options can be time consuming and very costly.

Graffitigard 4PLUS is professionally applied to interior glass and other non-porous smooth surfaces providing multiple sacrificial barriers in a single application protecting from various forms of vandalism including acid etching, scratching and permanent markers.

Unlike standard anti-vandalism films, individual layers can be quick and easily removed by a trained technician refreshing the surface in seconds reducing downtime and labor costs for maintenance resulting in increased profitability.

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Other Key Benefits: 

  • Undetectable, optically clear polyester film providing maximum visibility. 
  • Protects the surface from the most common forms of vandalism including acid etching, scratching and permanent markers 
  • Multi-layer construction provides a more cost effective alternative to single application protection. 
  • An exclusive adhesive system that allows a qualified technician to easily peel away the film without transferring adhesive to the underlying film or glass. 
  • Each layer contains a scratch resistant coating that protects the film from routine cleaning. Compliant with various fire testing standards for response to fire, smoke development and toxic gases. 

Protect your public spaces and most importantly your company image with Saint-Gobain anti-vandalism film. Graffitigard 4PLUS is the ideal solution for glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. Public transport, hotels, restaurants, glass displays, public buildings, hospitals, restrooms, elevators, escalators, are all typical applications that would enjoy the protective features of this film.

Saint-Gobain Graffitigard 4PLUS anti-vandalism film is a durable, optically clear, proven solution to quickly and cost-effectively eradicate vandalism repeatedly with a single application.

Graffitigard 4PLUS Film has been rigorously tested to the various standards and regulations:

  • ASTM E-162Surface flammability of materials
  • ASTM E-662Specific optical density of smoke generated
  • FMVSS/CMVSS 302Flammability of materials in motor vehicles
  • Bombardier SMP 800-CToxic gas generation
  • Boeing Safety Standard BSS 7239Toxic gas generation
  • ANSI Z26.1-1996 test #6Impact testing on tempered glass