Why do people chose privacy films:​


  • Privacy window film makes your home safer and gives you peace of mind.  It limits how much people can see inside your home. ​
  • It provides another layer of protection in case of breakage, keeping fragmented glass together. ​
  • Solar Gard window films will protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. ​

Eliminate shutters, blinds, shades or curtains

  • Enjoy the view of the outside for most of the day/evening without closing the shutters, blinds, shades or curtains​
  • Eliminate costs with custom shutters, blinds, shades or curtains​
  • Reduce dust accumulation on shutters, blinds, shades or curtains, reduce respiratory issues. ​

Reduce the glare entering the house

  • Minimizes the glare on TV or computer screens​
  • Helps with sleeping during daylight hours by keeping the bedroom darker​
  • Solar Gard privacy films can reduce up to 94% of the glare caused by your window panes. The darker the film, the more the glare is reduced​

Energy Savings

  • Solar Gard privacy window films will block up to 80% of the solar energy entering your windows. ​
  • Your HVAC units will run more efficiently while reducing your utility bills and maintenance costs. ​

Damage Control

  • UV protection combined with reduced Infra-Reed rays and visible light will result in less damages to the damage and fading of your furniture, hardwood floors, carpets & artwork. ​

Enhanced Appearance

  • Homes with Solar Gard window films have a more pleasant curb appeal.

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Privacy window films work because of their increased reflectivity.  This means that the reflectivity on the outside layer of a dual reflective film causes a mirror effect reflecting the sky and landscape.  ​

The reflection not only enhances the visual appearance of the house it also keeps you from seeing through the mirrored effect on the window, hence the privacy.

This is the outside view with Solar Gard TrueVue 5 film applied.  The TrueVue 5 film is considered a mirrored finish. TrueVue 5 film increases the exterior reflectivity while maintain a neutral reflectivity on the inside.  TrueVue 5 blocks 95% of the visible light entering the house.  

View from the inside out with TrueVue 5 film. 

You get a great view from the inside-outside while blocking the view from the outside-in.

This is the view on the outside of the house with Panorama Slate 10 film applied.  The Panorama Slate 10 is considered a mirrored finish film.  It increases the reflectivity on the outside while minimizing the reflectivity on the inside.  This film blocks 89% of the visible light from entering the house.

Because privacy window film works on the principle of reflectivity at night there is less light to reflect on the film making it possible to see inside the house when it is lighter inside.  Each house lighting is unique and difficult to predict how much privacy will exist after the sun goes down.