Window Tinting Benefits

There are plenty of advantages tinted windows bring. Some are quite obvious,  some are dark for privacy, some are lite and very subtle,  like blocking the sun, but others, like protecting your furniture, not so much. See all window tinting benefits below and what each could do for your family.

While most homeowners enjoy natural light, others prefer a cooler home without lowering the thermostat.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Jumping off our first benefit, tinted windows will easily lower your electric bills. As our loyal readers know, the harder your AC has to work, the more expensive your electric bill will be. Luckily, even if it’s 100 degrees outside, your AC will not have to work as hard to maintain that comfortable 72-degree interior because you installed tinted windows. Furthermore, in the winter, windows that are tinted help keep that expensive heat your paying for in the house. As you can see, you’ll experience a few savings all year round.

Reduce Harmful UV Rays  

Prolonged exposure to the sun is not healthy and in extreme cases, causes cancer. Tinting the windows of your home will help protect your family from harmful rays.

Protect Furniture

What do pets, food, children and direct sunlight have in common? They can all harm or ruin your furniture. Direct sunlight can cause discoloration of your furniture and carpet. The sunlight causes fabrics to fade, which means in time, your furniture, carpeting and drapery may begin to wear faster. As such, tinted windows could save you from having to replace your furniture or a pay $200 carpet repair bill.