The Life-changing Benefits of Tinting your Home’s WindowsImage result for tinted homes

Everyone loves natural light, right? There’s nothing more mood-boosting than seeing sunlight streaming in. Feeling it, on the other hand, is a different story. It’s one thing to crave the sun’s warmth during the winter, but during spring, summer, and fall, that gorgeous natural sunlight brings glare and heat along with it — sometimes even making a room unbearable to be in, and definitely raising your energy bills. Window tint can help with many of your house problems

So what do you do? It would be a shame to cover up that light with heavy curtains or to have blinds shuttered all the time.

This is where window tinting can be life-changing.

Bring down the heat

Possibly one of the biggest downsides to your big windows is the heat they fill the house with — especially in the summer months. Tinting your windows is the most effective way to block the heat out, while still letting the sunlight shine in. And unlike tints from 20 years ago, today’s window tinting can be nearly undetectable.

 Reduce your energy bills

Reducing the amount of heat being let in means reducing the amount of work your heating and cooling system has to do. Simply by adding tint to your home’s windows, you can realize up to 15% annual energy savings.

Cut out glare

Another drawback that makes sitting in a room full of natural light difficult? That harsh afternoon glare. Working, reading, or watching tv by a window seems so appealing until you can’t focus because of the glare. Again, this is where tinting can help by cutting out the glare but still letting the light in.

Put a stop to fading

The sun is beautiful but strong — and as it streams in, day-after-day, it fades everything from flooring and furniture to art, paint, and textiles.

Are you ready to enjoy your home’s windows, without all the downsides? Give us a call to for a no-pressure conversation about tinting them.