5 reasons to get your windows tinted

Do you ever drive pass a tint shop and wonder why you would ever need to tint your windows? Are you under the impression that you will be pulled over for illegal tint? In this post we’ll find some answers and elaborate on the benefits of having your window tint.

Most people don’t realize how much time they spend driving with the hot sun shining down on their vehicle. I’ve actually gotten sun burn a couple of times on my left arm from driving moderate distances without even realizing it until much later on that day. Our car’s windows do not protect us from the sun. As simple and straight forward as that might sound, many people don’t actually acknowledge that. After getting my window tint, I found my car much cooler and didn’t have to deal with sun burns while driving. But besides protecting yourself from a little sun burn, what other benefits do tinted windows have for you and your vehicle?

Here are my top 5 reasons to tint your windows:

UV Ray Rejection

1. Your health should always be your number one priority. The sun emits ultraviolet or UV rays, which is a form of radiation, that can be very hazardous to your health in large doses. So here’s why you want to window tint your car’s windows; most window films have 99.9% UV Ray rejection. UV rays are the #1 cause of skin cancer according to Cancer Research UK, registered non-profit located in England. Window films can protect you from over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and reduce the risk for skin cancer.

Keep Your Car Cooler

2. It keeps your car cool. Having your window tint can lower the temperature in your car substantially. Depending on which type of film you choose, it can reject up to 65% of the solar energy. I would recommend the FormulaOne Pinnacle® Series if your goal is to block out the heat without blocking out your cellphone. Yes, some other window films actually block out electronic signal transmission because of metallic substances used to make the film.

The Privacy You Want

3. I personally do not like it when people look into my car. That’s usually because I have valuable things in my car like my laptop and occasionally I forget my cell phone in there too. Or other times, I just enjoy driving at speed limit, which apparently isn’t fast enough if you’re driving in LA traffic and I get a lot of drive-by-looks. So here’s my third reason that I wanted my vehicle tinted. Stop looking into my car. It’s for me to know what or who is in my car, not for you Mr. Fast-Driving-Looking-Through-Other-People’s-Window-Guy.

Save Energy

4. One of the results of having your car kept at a cooler temperature is being able to save money by not having to use the air conditioner in your car as often. I don’t know about you guys, but the Southern California weather calls for air conditioned homes, buildings, and cars especially. Having less demand on the AC means that you’re going to the pump less than you normally are. So you’re actually saving on gas! And who wouldn’t want that in today’s erratic oil pricing world where we could find $3.00/gallon and also see $4.00/gallon overnight.

Reduce Glare

5. I find myself driving towards the direction of the sunset and my cool Ray-Bans are just not doing the trick. That’s where having my front windshield tinted comes in handy. Having window film on your front windshield can reduce glare by up to 94% without changing out your car looks. I don’t have to worry about getting pulled over for tinted windows because you can choose the degree that you want your windows tinted. Some of these films don’t change how my car looks