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5 Types of Residential Window Films

5 Types of Residential Window Films Installing residential window tint is a great way to protect your home from many dangers. Many people in the Kansas city area don't know of these benefits. But, there are quite a few different types of window tint films that people are unaware of that can be beneficial for their home. If you’re thinking of installing residential window films in you should know about [...]

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Why Window Films Are Great for the Fall

Why Window Films Are Great for the Fall Kansas City might not have the fiercest winter in the country, but there is still a significant change in temperature and weather conditions as the season changes. Now that fall has begun, it is time to plan for the winter. For one, you need to anticipate the spike in energy costs that comes in the winter, even for businesses and [...]

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window tint

BENEFITS OF CAR WINDOW TINTING But just because most window tint films on the market provide generally similar benefits, it doesn’t mean all brands are the same. A window film installation expert can help you choose the best tint for your needs and budget. Here are some of the top brands to look for: blocks over 90% of harmful UV rays reduces interior heat by up to 60% [...]

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Better Home with 3M Window Film 3M is a household name. In fact, I can guarantee you have something either made by 3M or invented by them in your home. Almost anywhere you could possibly be, 3M is there. One of their mottos is “You’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M science”. Cars, planes, homes, clothing, you name it and 3M is involved. That is why [...]


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What is window film? Window tint is a polyester product typically made of Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET). Most films are applied to the interior surface of a glass window in a home, commercial building, or car, they also have a scratch resistant coating on the outer surface to protect the film. There are many types of window film, including some that are clear and others that have multiple layers [...]

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Window Tint

Why you should tint your business building Tinted windows are not just for automobiles or private residences, as there are a number of commercial applications for them as well. Here are just a few reasons why every business owner should consider window film. Increases Productivity and Efficiency You may not think about it, but tinted windows can actually increase productivity by eliminating glare on computer screens and electronic [...]

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Benefits of window tinting Have you ever been in a building and the heat, glare is getting to you?  Window tint is the answer.  AMC  20  located on 11701 Nall Ave, Leawood, KS 66211 or town center plaza has beautiful big tinted windows. The bill would be so high as they would need to crank the A/C just to keep everyone comfortable. Effortlessly Maintain A Comfortable Work Environment Sunlit [...]

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Window Tint 101

Window tint 101 When people hear the term window film or window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is car windows. Window Genie would like to change that. Window Genie and 3M have joined forces to bring home and business owners across the nation an opportunity to save on utility bills while deflecting harmful UV rays that can fade furniture and damage your skin. With this article [...]

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Window Tint

How Home Window Tinting Can Save Energy and Money Your customers are looking for ways to cut their energy costs, especially as colder weather sweeps in.Window tint is the answer. When they ask you for solutions, consider they take a tip from the auto world and tint their home’s windows. Not only does residential window film increase curb appeal, it also saves energy, which puts more money in [...]

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Home Office Window tinting

 World Before Tinted Windows Carefully Placed Windows In the past, an architect needed to consider where to put windows based on where the sun would be less likely to overheat the house. For instance, on mid west region, Kansas, Kansas city Missouri, Missouri windows on certain sides of the house will receive sun at different times of the day. Windows on the east side of the house will [...]

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